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Feminist, transdisciplinary workshops for vocational schools | since 2009

Flic Flac*

Flic Flac*is a multi-layered educational program that offers points of orientation for engaging with feminism / gender studies / queer theory. It utilizes three different formats: a workshop program for apprentices and trainees, teaching material and a train-the-trainer program for teachers.

The workshop program for apprentices and trainees creates links and shows the intersections between the vocational school students' everyday lives, current feminist debates, and contemporary artistic strategies. In keeping with newer approaches within feminist research, discussions are not limited to discussing gender roles, but include topics such as sexism, homo- and transphobia, in addition to speaking about the power relations involved in social relations and racism.

The material for teachers consists of a binder with thematic modules, offering a mix of different ways in which these topics can be approached. It includes glossary cards that deal with language competence, cards with illustrations, with which the power relations transported by images can be discussed, along with directions for performative appropriations of the topic. There are also videos and songs, which can be used to introduce a different discursive level, and DIY elements that encourage the (further) development of one's own materials.

The train-the-trainer program for teachers offers an opportunity to exchange experiences with a focus on questions regarding how to convey knowledge about gender studies/queer theory and on different teaching methods.

The workshops offered by Flic Flac* are available upon request and free of charge to all vocational schools.

Flic Flac teaching material:
Concept and realization: trafo.K
Design: Evi Scheller
Proofreading: Kerstin Krenn
Glossary texts: Persson Perry Baumgartinger, Vlatka Frketić
Scholarly advisor: Ines Garnitschnig
In cooperation with queeropedia


Flic Flac teaching material:
Supported by:
MA 57 Frauenabteilung der Stadt Wien
Bildung und außerschulische Jugendbetreuung (MA 13)
Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien (MA7)
Kultur- und Sportverein der Wiener Berufsschulen
Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur (Entscheidend bis du!)
Europäisches Jahr des interkulturellen Dialogs 2008

Flic Flac Workshops:
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KulturKonakt Austria