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Session Night School | April 2017

Instructions for Disobedience

Dissent includes consensus and is characteristic of a free state; one who knows he can object, also knows that if he does not object, he effectively agrees.” (Hannah Arendt)

Faced with a neoliberal world that threatens to become increasingly fascist, the evening starts with quotes from history and the present day that lay the ground for discussions of counter narratives and agency. Possible strategies will be discussed.

What could a convergence of struggles that confront structural racism, anti-semitism, authoritarianism, exploitation, denial of history, violence and exclusion be? How could we implement ideas for a practice of change? What is missing?


Night School
Evening school as Programme of Academy of Unlearning, Wiener Festwochen 2017
By Marissa Lôbo and Catrin Seefranz

Night School is an evening school where thinking, learning and teaching, takes place from minoritarian and marginalized, rebellious and vulnerable positions. This small school opens its doors every week, in the Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art, to interfere with hegemonic regimes of knowledge.

The curriculum covers forms, bodies, methods, positions, geographies, and fantasies that contribute to a decolonialization of knowledge, or what is known as or just as well or just as well Popular Education. Based on the idea of knowledge as a praxis we will not only learn, but also eat together.