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GOOD LUCK! Migration Today (VIEL GLÜCK! Migration heute)
Initiative Minderheiten | 2009—2010

Regulated freedoms*

Students from the vocational school for information technology developed their own perspectives on the history of migration as part of the Initiative Minderheiten's research and exhibition project ›GOOD LUCK! Migration Today‹ (VIEL GLÜCK! Migration heute).

The different backgrounds and experiences, points of interest and information that came together in this workshop were used to create a network system of multi-perspective viewpoints on the narrative of the research project. Strategies for creating opportunities for different receptions of and debates on the history of migration were developed together in the workshops.

A focus was placed on the legal framework and the portrayal of migration. The workshop participants discussed the laws and their effects on legal protection for children and youth, discrimination at work, and equal treatment.

In the end, the participants came up with concepts for rewording the laws along with their own statements on the issue.

The project was a cooperation with: Vida Bakondy und Arif Akkılıç

Project team: Elke Smodics, Renate Höllwart

Acknowledgements: Angela Lernpeiss

*Title author: Zeynel Arslan


Supported by the City of Vienna (MA 17) Department for Integration and Diversity Affairs