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Publication | 2011

and onward. Feminist perspectives for Vienna

The publication commemorating the twenty-year anniversary of the City of Vienna's department of women's affairs was created collectively through a collaborative process and was coordinated and edited by Brigitte Geiger and Beate Hausbichler. Rather than recounting the department's achievements, the anthology takes a closer look at processes of social transformation and feminist fields of action, and places them in relation to their relevance for the current situation and perspectives for the future.

The ten chapters not only include historical accomplishments and how they tie into the present-day, but also discuss conflicts and struggles that led to discontinuities throughout feminist history, as well as the polyvocality and heterogeneity of feminist initiatives and concerns today.

From scholarly, artistic and journalistic perspectives, the authors not only comment on but also give an impetus to change everyday life with their contributions that are just as critical as they are comical, sometimes deconstructive, often related to situations in everyday life, at times theoretical, pretty infuriated, as well as useful and visionary...

Project leader: Elke Smodics-Kuscher
Project team: Renate Höllwart, Elke Smodics-Kuscher, Nora Sternfeld – Brigitte Geiger (Archiv der Frauen- und Lesbenbewegung Stichwort) und Beate Hausbichler (Redakteurin bei